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5 hacks on how to make your small kitchen appear bigger

how to make your kitchen appear bigger

Small kitchens or living spaces aren’t always the worst thing in the world. They appear cosier, easier to clean, easier to find things that may be more difficult to find in a bigger kitchen making tasks and cooking much simpler. But let’s face it, you’ve come to this blog because your kitchen or living space appears small and you want to know how to create the illusion of your kitchen appearing bigger than it actually is, rather than appearing smaller. Here are 5 hacks on how to make your kitchen or living space appear bigger:

1. White is your best friend

In terms of a small space or something looking small, white is your best friend. White gives a more spacious feel and looks to areas. This works with all bright or light colours as they are more reflective, giving the illusion of a space being more airy and open whereas darker colours tend to absorb light making a room look smaller.

white kitchen

Be careful not to use too much white in the design of your kitchen as it can sometimes feel almost cold or empty. A great substitute for this is by using light blues or greens. Another great hack is that you can make your walls appear even further back by painting the trims of the walls.

2. Use a low contrast colour scheme across surfaces

You can create a peaceful and expansive look across a surface or multiple by using a low contrast or colour scheme across surfaces, this creates an optical illusion that the room is more spacious as with a high contrasting surface, your eye takes a sudden shift from one surface to the other.

low contrast kitchen

3. Use glass for cabinet doors

You can use glass doors for cabinets or completely remove doors to create the illusion of more space. The idea is that you can see into the cabinets and their contents which pulls your line of sight past the cabinets so the walls feel further away. This is a really effective hack however it only works and looks good if your cabinets are kept tidy, cluttered contents can make the room feel a bit more crowded.

glass cabinets

The clutter goes with anything. Avoid decorating your walls with lots of pictures, one large painting would work much better. When decorating it’s better to give the kitchen a focal point, a great example of this would be to have a kitchen island, this draws the eye in when you walk in.

4. Natural light is a close second best-friend

Much like using white for walls and surfaces in your kitchen, natural light should also be one of your close friends! Using natural light can enlarge any space and you can find out how to increase how much natural light you can let in in our other blog! Be careful pairing natural light with your white walls and surfaces as white and other bright colours can be very reflective you don’t want it being too reflective in your kitchen so that you struggle to see because of the suns rays.

natural light

5. Open plan

Having an open plan kitchen that leads on into another room creates a great illusion of space. It’s essentially as if you’re borrowing space from the other room and in actual fact, the kitchen is the exact size but you can just see through to the other room and walk in and out almost like one large room. Obviously, this hack depends on if this is physically possible for you to do, your home layout may not allow you to.

open plan