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How to Become the Mr Miyagi of the Kitchen World

As the legendary Mr Miyagi once told his student, “There are two rules of Miyagi-Ryu Karate. Rule 1 – karate for defence only. Rule 2 – first learn rule number 1.”

Such is the importance of rule number one that we do not ever get to hear what the second rule actually is. Fair enough, rule number one is extremely important for the budding karate kid, but surely there is more to it than simply realising the purpose of your sport?

Mr Miyagi is a philosophical mastermind and a fitness virtuoso, so here at Number One Kitchens we can only imagine that his second rule must have something to do with nutrition and food. Makes sense, right? After all, give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. He that takes fitness instructions and neglects diet wastes the skills of the trainer. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of kitchen hacks that will turn you into a culinary master and the Mr Miyagi of the kitchen world!

One Must Battle Water with Wood

Boiling rice, pasta or any other food for that matter can often cause the water to boil over the pan and make a mess of your cooker/kitchen side. Messy side equals messy life. So rest a wooden spoon across the pan as it boils and watch as the water magically obeys the power of the wooden utensil. No longer will your water cause you bubbling problems!

Scrub without Soap, Scrub with Salt

If anything in your kitchen is made from cast-iron then avoid scrubbing with soapy water as it will strip away the material’s protective properties and it will start to rust. Rusting pans are not only an eye-sore, they can be quite dangerous too as you do not wish to ingest fragments of cast-iron with your food. Instead, use a salt scrub to remove bits of stuck-on food. Remember – wax on, wax off.

One That Washes May Also Cook

Much satisfaction derives from cooking one’s own food, but much more satisfaction hails from someone else cleaning the dishes. What if we told you that you could do both at the same time? Yes that’s right, you can cook a meal and clean the dishes at the exact same time by using your dishwasher. Even though a dishwasher operates at low temperatures compared to an oven, it can still do the job when steam cooking vegetables in air-tight containers. Make sure your containers are completely sealed so that water/soap cannot get in and your veg should steam like a dream.

Soften Ice Cream Before Ice Cream Softens You

Opening a tub of ice cream only to find that it is rock hard and immediately inedible can go as far as ruining somebody’s day! Ice cream is supposed to cheer you up, make you feel better and bring a smile to an otherwise grumpy face. Unless it’s soft and creamy then it can have the opposite effect and cause you to stick your lip out in a soft strop! To avoid this unfortunate occurrence, try putting your ice cream tub in a zip-lock bag before putting it in the freezer. Now your desert will stay soft and scrumptious!

Beware Sweet and Sour Pain

Pain is temporary, wisdom is permanent. Nevertheless there is a purpose in pain, otherwise it would be simply devilish. In this respect, there is no pain more devilish than squeezing lemon juice into an open wound or paper cut. Wisdom escapes anyone in this situation! Doesn’t it hurt!? Like nothing you’ve felt before! To avoid such sweet and sour pain in future, try using a pair of kitchen tongues to squeeze your citrus fruits. This way the juice stays away from your hands and falls directly onto the desired destination.

Keep Your Meat and Two Veg Separated

Cross contamination within the kitchen can have some very damaging effects to your personal health. In life the greatest wealth is health and therefore you should be mindful of your expenditure. Uncooked meat juices can contaminate fruit and vegetables if you use the same chopping board to prepare them both. The wise decision is to purchase two or more different coloured chopping boards and use each one for a designated food source; i.e. one for meat and one for fruit etc.

Floss Your Food, Then Floss Your Mouth

Dental floss, just like the morning sun and the evening sunset, has many uses beyond the usual daily occurrence. Not only useful at morning and night, dental floss can help you become a master of the kitchen too. For example, how hard do you find slicing something incredibly soft, like a piece of soft cheese? Does it just reduce in size with the pressure from your knife? Try using a piece of unscented dental floss to cut through soft foods and never experience the pain of flattened food again!

Cover All Bases

Covering food and deserts with your favourite toppings can turn an average meal into an exciting one. Why not try use a pepper grinder to create a perfect topping dispenser? Empty your pepper grinder and clean it thoroughly to ensure no traces of pepper remain. Then fill the grinder with a topping of your choice, whether it be chocolate biscuits or pine nuts. Now you can grind your topping into dust and spread it all over your base food! Enjoy!

Your Training is Complete

Now, wise student, your briefing and training is complete. You have been bestowed with knowledge of the eight ultimate kitchen hacks to ensure you can become the future Mr Miyagi of the kitchen world! Remember them well and put them into practice when the time comes; the reputation of other kitchen warriors rests on your young shoulders. Be mindful in your practice that there is no need to be afraid of growing slowly, only to be afraid of standing still. The force is behind you and your training has provided you the tools you need to move forward. Good luck!

If you have already mastered these techniques and are looking for help with fitted kitchens in Manchester, contact our sales team today and they will be more than happy to help!