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    • Home Office Lissa Oak

      The Home Office – Lissa Oak design allows you to introduce a little colour and a touch of style to your bedroom office environment. You shouldn’t be weary of experimenting with colour either, as you probably won’t ever have the chance to do so in a company owned office!

      Introducing bright and colourful shades to your office makes your working environment both easy on the eye and inspirational for the mind. So stop plugging away in a bland and lifeless setting, instead bring your office environment to life with this beautifully crafted fitted bedroom design in Manchester.


      It has been scientifically proven that a more satisfying working environment leads to increased production and a happier mood. Staring at a computer screen all day can be tiresome and monotonous in plain and uninspiring surroundings. Comfort is also a major factor, so it’s a good job the Lissa Oak Home Office comes with made-to-measure furniture with impeccable design techniques to offer the upmost in relaxation and quality.


      Here at Number One Kitchens Manchester we can incorporate this bedroom design into any confined space, meeting your exact needs and requirements. So it really doesn’t matter how much space you are limited to, we can transform it into a beautiful office environment. Contact us today for more information on this particular design or more bedrooms in Manchester.